An aluminium, flower-shaped monument, symbolising youth, beauty and hope.

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Floralis Generica

Aluminium flower.

This is the city’s most recent monument, symbolising youth, beauty and hope. Along this imposing, unavoidable avenue in the Recoleta neighbourhood, you will pass by United Nations Square, where you will immediately notice an over twenty-metre tall aluminium flower, which rises up out of a pool of water. This monument is different to the others, as it was only created in 2002. The Floralis Generica is not just a work of art, but a work of aerodynamic engineering, as it contains a system of mechanisms, which allow its six 4,000 kilo petals to open in the morning and close at night. Its designer, Eduardo Catalano, took its name from Latin to signify any type of flower. To really appreciate it, make your way to the paths around it, which have been specifically designed to offer different views of the monument. From here, it is also worth strolling around the vast green space surrounding it, to enjoy a few minutes of tranquillity and the landscape with this monument in the distance.

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