The meeting point for artisans from across the city is a great weekend visit.

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Francia Square Festival

Typical artisanal work.

In the Recoleta Neighbourhood, a slice of Hispano-America awaits you. Since the late 1970s, artisans from all over have gathered in this eclectic neighbourhood every weekend. This is where they showcase their works, which focus on function, design and art from each culture. Each stall sells something different, such as the most traditional to the most contemporary clothing, hand-made crockery from different countries on the continent, decorative or working looms, home-made food and authentic pieces of art sold by the artists themselves. Painters and other artists working in the open-air accompany all of this. This is one of the best ways to visit the area, as you can start off by familiarising yourself with the streets in the morning, eat lunch in one of the pizzerias or restaurants and the finish off the day with an open-air dinner and film screening at the Village, or in one of its many pubs.

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