Galileo Galilei Planetarium

This building looks like a spaceship, and is home to one of the most sophisticated planetariums in the world.

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Galileo Galilei Planetarium

Stars under a peculiar bulding.

Like in many large cities, it is not easy to see the sky at night in Buenos Aires. The city’s many lights illuminate the sky, making it hard to see any stars. However, Buenos Aires is home to one of the most modern and sophisticated planetariums in the world. Here you can observe the starry sky and discover its history and the secrets it holds. If you go through the Palermo parks, not far from Rosedal, you will notice this peculiar building. It is perhaps most comparable to a spaceship from a science fiction film, rather than a science museum. It is worth following your instincts and entering this building, as you will find the museum on the first floor, which displays authentic wonders, such as a piece of metallic meteor found in the 1970s, as well as an authentic piece of moon rock. But it is upstairs, in its 20-metre wide dome, where you will find this building’s real treasure. 320 seats face upwards, towards a very advanced screen. This is where the most important audiovisual show of its kind is to be found. It was designed by the Museum of Natural History in New York, with the collaboration of NASA, and is an unforgettable experience for any visitor.

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