A visit to a village, such as Los Cardales, will allow you to discover the most traditional side of the country. An interesting trip.

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Gaucho Festival

A rural, traditional alternative.

The outskirts of the city are well worth a visit, where you will find charming villages, such as Los Cardales, Lobos and San Antonio de Areco. This is where you will find the more rural, traditional Argentina. Although they revolve around tourism, the Gaucho festivals are always a great place to discover the most traditional side of Argentina. They start in the morning and go on throughout the day at a ranch or in a prairie. An array of activities is organised to being people closer to this way of life. You will be able to discover field-working methods, go horse riding, take a carriage (or ‘sulky’) ride and attend grills and barbecues outdoors, where you can sample a large selection of meats and wines from the area. In the evening, you can see equestrian shows, such as the taming of the horses, and ‘corridas de sortija’, which is a traditional equestrian sport, in a great setting. The organisers dress up in traditional attire and ranches across the outskirts of the city are decorated. People generally return to the city in the evening to enjoy the urban nightlife, after such an active day.

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