The impressive presence, which can even be felt in the distance of Cordoba Avenue.

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General Juan Lavalle Monument

One of a kind.

Separating two of the three parts that form historic Lavalle Square, this monument, sculpted by Italian Pietro Costa in 1887, is dedicated to General Juan Lavalle. You’ll have to look up to take in this monument, which is twenty-two metres tall. It is also the only construction of its kind in the whole city, as you will not find any other towering statues here. One you have admired its impressive presence, noticeable from afar at Cordoba or 9th of July Avenue and Libertad and Tucuman Streets, it is worth observing it from a distance to understand the perspective. The first thing you will notice is its great height from all angles and distances. You will then notice the fourteen marble shields at its base, representing each province of the Plata River. Inscribed in the monument are different legends revolving around this national hero and direct descendant of Hernan Cortes, referring to his influence in the war and Argentina’s independence. After this visit, you will be in the perfect area to cross Diagonal Norte to the river, or take Cordoba Avenue to the west.

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