Are you looking for a night on the town? You'll find it in Palermo! Its diverse bars cater to every taste.

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By night, Buenos Aires is a city filled with nightlife, music and drinks. Among the different hotbeds of activity, Palermo offers a genuine, lively nocturnal experience. At the heart of this neighbourhood is the Las Canitas zone. From 9pm, the numerous bars and pubs start to open their doors, offering a plethora of options for all tastes and ages. This is a far cry from its old image, when the upper classes lived here in large houses with enormous gardens and the streets were quiet at night. In the past few years, this has become on of the areas, which demonstrated the country’s growing economy, due to its new buildings and youthful, modern atmosphere. With a passion for more international rather than folk style, this zone’s pubs offer great music and cuisine, with a wide selection of drinks and international food. You will also notice that sushi is particularly popular here. Bars will often be full of diners at the beginning of the night, and then transform into nightclubs as the night goes on.

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