A franchise started by a Spaniard, who knew how to win over the Argentineans with his pizzas and empanadas.

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La Continental Restaurant

Delicious Argentinean pizzas and empanadas!

This Argentinean pizzeria franchise has gained popularity in this city, since its inauguration in 1986 by Spaniard Manuel Fajardo. Despite its cosmopolitan fast food appearance, you will find that the food is actually very similar to typical Argentinean dishes. Empanadas and pizzas share many of the same qualities, and they are prepared here in enormous traditional ovens in their kitchen. They are then served in the dining area, decorated in the city’s traditional motifs. As well as its signature dishes, it also caters to any tastes, offering salads, pasta and ‘fast food’, such as rice, steaks, hamburgers and more. As well as its food, it also boasts a number of restaurants dotted across the north-east of the city, making it the perfect place to sit down and relax for a minute, in between obligatory visits to Palermo, the Congress area, Mayo Square, Recoleta and the Canitas, San Telmo and Almagro neighbourhoods.

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