Rustic décor in a restaurant which is almost always packed out, offering some of the best meat in town.

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Los Talas del Entrerriano Restaurant

Totally carnivorous.

Although this is further from the city in the north, the Jose Leon Suarez neighbourhood is home to a must-visit for any meat lover. This inn boasts a charming setting in an enormous dining hall filled with rustic wooden tables, which is almost always bursting with diners. You will see a huge variety of meats strung up around the kitchen, either in slices or whole, and their enormous grills and ovens used to cook the dishes. Your first impression will be that it looks like a school dining hall or a village’s festival tent, but behind this unusual exterior lie an array of meats, such as beef, suckling pig and chicken, all cooked in different, traditional ways. Its menu, along with its atmosphere, will make this an unforgettable dining experience. This restaurant slowly gained recognition by its locals and specialists, solely due to its high-quality dishes, which they have been preparing since the 1980s.

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