Fairs are held here on Sundays, where you can experience the authentic Argentinean identity.

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Mataderos Festival

Love for the homeland.

Away from the centre, just 20 minutes by taxi inland, is one of the city’s most authentic places, declared and Intangible Cultural Heritage site. Every Sunday, as well as every holiday, thousands of people from every province meet here to maintain the roots, origins and the great diversity of the nation of Argentina. Like other large festivals, you will find barbecues, grills, handicrafts, music, orchestras and dance. Numerous folk groups and associations, dressed in their traditional outfits, take the stage to show off special choreographies in an open, welcoming atmosphere. According to its coordinator, Sara Vinocur, the Matadero Festival started in 1986, with the aim of reclaiming the public space after the military dictatorship. This is a great way to remember the Argentinean identity, which is so often forgotten in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires.

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