This unusually Roman façade has classic religious décor and Venetian mosaic flooring, the identifying marks of this young cathedral.

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Metropolitan Cathedral

12 apostles, 12 columns.

It is impossible to walk through Mayo Square without noticing this cathedral’s façade, which is far from traditional and looks more like a Roman or Greek temple. Finished in 1821, this young cathedral was built following five collapses since the late 16th century, when it was built as a modest clay chapel. The old, flimsy structures were continuously being built and rebuilt until the early 19th century, when the current building was erected with twelve columns in the rear, representing the twelve apostles, and a mural depicting the reunion of Joseph, his brothers and his father Jacob, referring to the union of the Buenos Aires province with the rest of the country after the civil war. Walk through its impressive entrance to find a chapel, which is a prime example of religious architecture and décor, from its famous Venetian mosaic floor to its domes, decorated with biblical motifs. The greatest treasure this church holds, is the mausoleum of General Jose de San Martin, one of the most renowned icons of South American liberation during colonial times. The remains of this national hero and forefather of the nation are a popular touristic and cultural attraction.

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