Its lookout on the sixth floor offers a special view of Buenos Aires. Go and have a look!

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Monumental Tower

A British gift.

This is the symbol of respect between nations. On the centenary of the May Revolution, when the Argentinean village defeated the English armies in its battle for independence, the United Kingdom gave the city this tower. Named the Tower of the English until recent times, it is located on Libertador Avenue in the Retiro area. It is now used as an information centre for the city’s museums, but it also has another attraction on the sixth floor, namely its lookout point. Although this is not one of the highest point of the city, it offers a very special view, due to its location between Aerea Square and San Martin Square, in the north of the city. On its façade, you will see the United Kingdom’s coat of arms to show where this building came from. This was one of the many monuments given to the city by various countries on its centenary. Among these are the Magna Carta Monument from Spain, located between Libertador and Sarmiento Avenues, and the Christopher Columbus monument given by Italy, located in the park of the same name.

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