Argentina triumphs with its leather. If you're looking for leather in Buenos Aires, head straight for Murillo Street!

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Murillo Street Leather

Argentinian leather.

Fans of leather should be aware that Argentina is one of the key players in its production. For many years, the treating of this material has been one of the country’s most iconic features. You will find the best places to buy all sorts of leather good in the capital, mainly on Murillo Street, north of San Martin Avenue. Here you will find over fifty shops, dedicated to the sale of leather, spread over four blocks. Although this is not the only place to go for leather, it is the most popular, due to its proximity to other shops and the variety it offers. You’ll find any garment or accessory, such as waistcoats, trousers, jackets, boots, gloves, hats, bags and anything else you may desire. This huge selection also allows for price and quality comparison before you decide to purchase anything. Ever since the pioneering Murillo 666 set up shop on this street in the mid-1980s, other establishments quickly followed suit, such as SLM, Donna and the Sicilian leather specialist. Despite the vast array of leather shops across the city’s shopping streets, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here.

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