Architecturally, artistically and historically fascinating. Like many Argentinean religious buildings, it holds important history within its walls.

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Our Lady of Mercy Basilica

More Argentinian history.

Like many of the religious and governmental buildings in the city, this basilica played a role in the history of Argentinean history, particularly in the time of Spanish invasions. Joining Teniente General Juan Domingo Peron Street with Reconquista Street, this National Historic Monument is a must-visit, as the 18th century church was the third to stand on this plot and is a reference point for architectural and artistic studies. It also had many functions, including bookshop, school and meeting place for artists, and is an icon of the revolution, as its atrium is where Santiago de Liniers directed the attack at Mayo Square against English invasion. You will also find a frieze depicting Manuel Belgrano, the leader of the Northern Army, passing the Virgin a baton, as he was said to have prayed in this chapel before winning the Battle of Tucuman against the Spanish. This is how he gained the independence of the fourteen Plata River provinces, which is the reason for portraying this historical event as a miracle.

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