Our Lady of Rosario Basilica and Santo Domingo Convent

This basilica is not just important for religious reasons, but historical reasons too. What you learn on a visit here will blow your mind.

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Our Lady of Rosario Basilica and Santo Domingo Convent

A classic Colonial image.

This temple is not just a religious attraction, as it is thought to be a real historical map of Argentina. This basilica dates back to 1751 and was erected in the Monserrat district, which was once the backdrop to the battle against the English in 1807. Once regarded as a simple Dominican church, it acquired the title of basilica in 1910. One of its towers was rebuilt after it was destroyed by English fire, but you can see replicas of the bullets that destroyed it and the structure itself has kept the same classical Colonial style since its creation. Inside the basilica, you will find two English flags from the first invasion and two Spanish ones, taken from the Alto Peru bell tower. After the Dominicans were expulsed by Rivadavia in 1823, this building became the Natural History Museum and an astrological observatory and meteorological office were installed in its towers. However, just twelve years later, they were removed. What many people don’t know is that there are two weather vanes at the top of the towers, one of which is in the form of a dog, honouring the time of the Dominicans, which comes from the Latin for ‘guardians of the Lord’. This building was declared a National Historic Monument, and is a great way to round off your tour through this historic neighbourhood.

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