Clearly the most avant-garde shops and fashion outlets in Buenos Aires are found here!

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Palermo Soho

Typical Bohemian atmosphere.

Old Palermo used to be the centre of danger twenty years ago, but its restoration has brought about the revival of the whole city in many ways. Buenos Aires is not just about tango and grilled meat. Today, between Serrano and Honduras Streets and Julio Cortazar Square, you will find shops and fashion outlets, which are well worth a visit, even if you do not plan on buying anything. Many of these places have preserved the architecture and structure of years gone by. The addition of Soho refers to the neighbourhoods of the same name in London and New York, demonstrating this avant-garde zone’s ability to sustain the same Bohemian atmosphere as its peers. A visit to its bars is highly recommended, as well as taking in the atmosphere of its streets. Before leaving the neighbourhood, head to Palermo Hollywood further north, which is home to film and production studios. There is always an excuse to have a drink in the pubs here, or dine in one of its haute-cuisine restaurants.

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