Refined dishes from the south of Argentina and Chile, under the watchful eye of culinary genius, Francis Mallman.

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Patagonia Sur Restaurant

A more exotic option.

Once you have familiarised yourself with Argentinean cuisine, there are a number of more exotic options for you to try, one of which is the Calle Roche restaurant in the Boca neighbourhood. This is the epitome of class and haute cuisine, since Francis Mallman, one of the most famous Argentinean chefs, took over this old 1920s house in 1999. This locale has created a more refined and well-kept atmosphere, starting with the combination of its vintage décor at the entrance and its menu of Patagonian gastronomy, from the south of Argentina and Chile. The menu consists of a large variety of vegetables and cheeses, prepared in southern style and strikingly presented, and a selection of meats similar to that of other Argentinean restaurants, but uniquely prepared. After lunch or dinner, the restaurant then brings out its top-quality dessert menu, which includes fruit and sweets exquisitely prepared and presented to reflect this locale’s first-class characteristics.

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