Argentina has taken over an Italian dish par excellence. Sample a slice in one of the many pizzerias in Buenos Aires.

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The secret is in the dough.

The pizza is the perfect tool for fitting in with the locals, as this country, which has taken aspects from different European cultures, has adopted one of Italy’s most characteristic dishes. It is actually quite difficult to avoid pizzerias in the city centre! From a more rustic homemade to the more modern style, the city’s pizzerias are packed with customers at lunchtime. This type of restaurant is not only popular for its food, but also offers a great atmosphere, created by the love the locals have for fast food and meals on the go. Many people come to these pizzerias during their lunch break, as they can easily pick up a quick bite to eat, which is what other passers-by do too. You can be in Palermo, San Telmo, Puerto Madero, Recoleta or any other central district, and you will always find a place to grab a slice of pizza.

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