Skyscrapers, opulence, hustle and bustle… The wealthiest locals pass through Puerto Madero.

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Puerto Madero

Luxurious and modern.

Part of the Buenos Aires skyline is made up of this ultra-modern neighbourhood’s very tall buildings, which rise up from the Plata River. These enormous skyscrapers also make up part of the economic district, dedicated to business and finance, and most of them belong to the many international companies who have their Argentinean operational headquarters here. But it has not always been like this. At the end of the 19th century, engineer Eduardo Madero acquired permission from the government to provide the city with a port infrastructure. Between 1911 and 1930, this was replaced with a new project, but was forgotten about until 1989, when a definitive revival of the area decided upon. Today, Puerto Madero represents another Buenos Aires, emanating opulence and luxury, where the wealthier classes come to socialise. Its architecture is another of its attractions. In 2001, Spaniard Santiago Calatrava inaugurated the Women’s Bridge, in accordance with the tribute dedicated to the country’s most important female figures.

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