Recoleta Cemetery

Imagine what death would be like from a poetic and artistic point of view. You can see this at the Recoleta.

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Recoleta Cemetery

Cemetery of the North.

Few burial sites deserve as much attention as this one. This cemetery in the Recoleta neighbourhood is filled with history, myths and legends, which attract tourists and travellers as if it were a mysterious city within the large metropolis. Inaugurated in 1822, it was the project of French engineer Prospero Catelin, for the burial of Catholic people alone. In 1863, this rule was changed, and the cemetery began accepting other faiths. The amazing monumental sculptures of the mausoleums, tombs and gravestones will make you want to immortalize this experience with more than just a photo, which is why on every corner of this over five-hectare area, you will find a poetic and artistic expression of death. The North Cemetery, which was also the first in the city, is where people such as Eva Peron, Adolfo Bioy and presidents Hipolito Irigoyen and Raul Alfonsin have been laid to rest.

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