This large, eclectic building reminds us that San Telmo was one of the city's wealthiest neighbourhoods.

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Saint Peter's Telmo Church

An image of before and after.

This building speaks for itself when it comes to its history and the neighbourhood in which it is located. Walk through Dorrego Square and you will see its domes guiding you towards it. Take your time before going inside, as its importance lies in its exterior. Observe it thoroughly, as some of the details tell you of its origin. Its façade’s eclectic style reflects the city’s artistic development, as Neo-Colonial elements combine with classical elements to convey an image of before and after. The grandeur of this building also serves as a reminder that the San Telmo neighbourhood used to be the home of the wealthiest families, who moved north in the late 19th century due to yellow fever. However, the most representative inhabitants of this area are the seafarers. The mast in front of the church represents these people, renowned for their loyalty to Saint Peter. Despite this, not many people know that the real name of this church is Our Lady of Bethlehem. The name has been mixed up, due to the fact that the Saint Peter parishioners have been coming here since the early 19th century.

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