An icon of modern Buenos Aires, this excellent form of transportation has a special charm.

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Take the Metro


This is the best mode of transport to experience day-to-day life in this city. Along with buses, this is the main mode of transport for locals. It is also where you will find the heart and soul of its inhabitants, beneath its asphalt. Since the inauguration of the first line in 1913, which was the first of its kind in Latin America, the SUBTE has grown a great deal. It transports thousands of students and workers every day, who use it to get around the city. Like in many other world capitals, it is a symbol of the city’s modernisation and is the most appealing way to get from one side to another, as it brings tourists closer to the ‘real’ atmosphere of the city, away from the touristic hotspots. If you’re lucky, you can take Line A from Mayo Square and travel under Rivadavia Avenue, which is the route that its most famous carriages from 1913 still take. Travelling on its original wooden benches is like taking a journey back in time.

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