Despite its controversial history, this is now one of the city's distinguishing features.

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The Obelisk

The most emblematic 67 metres in the city.

It is essential to take a trip down 9th of July Avenue, which separates the coast from the inland city. Pass by the north side and you will find yourself at Republica Square, recognisable by its 67-metre tall obelisk, which is inarguably the icon of the city. At ground level, you will see the remains of where a church dedicated to Saint Nicolas of Bari once stood a hundred years beforehand, where the first Argentinean flag was raised. This monument was erected in 1936, commemorating the fourth centenary of the founding of the city, and was built in only 60 days, causing much controversy. The subject of protests and the brunt of jokes for port-dwellers, this monument came close to being demolished in its first years, but the controversy waned over the years, until citizens began regarding it as part of their city and a symbol of their identity. In the last decades, the obelisk has witnessed several protests, and official, unofficial, legal and illegal celebrations. These events have ranged from draping it in Argentinean and German flags to celebrate their 150-year relationship, to attaching Greenpeace posters at its peak during climate-change rallies.

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