Want a totally Argentinean night out? Head for a tango night with dinner included at the Old Warehouse!

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The Old Warehouse

The birthplace of tango.

The very soul of tango, with its love and heartaches, was born in this two hundred year-old locale. Located on Independencia de San Telmo Avenue, this used to be a warehouse from which it got its name. The annexed building on the opposite side of the road is a restaurant, which served as a meeting place for the most famous artists of this port culture. Today, although it is very famous, it is exclusively a tourist attraction, and is no longer frequented by people united by the music. It does, however, offer one of the best ways to experience a typical Argentinean dinner, surrounded by folklore and charged atmosphere. With its walls and its dishes, it is impossible not to feel part of this atmosphere, either dining in its restaurant or enjoying a dinner-show in one of its halls. This is an unforgettable dining experience, combining the performances of renowned artists with delicious empanadas, chorizo, fish of the day and any other port dishes that make up the restaurant’s menu.

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