This historic place encompasses the city's culture. Come and visit to see why!

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Tortoni Cafe

Cafes with history.

This emblematic café is the gateway to another time, where you will feel surrounded by a mixture of history and art, which encompass the city of Buenos Aires. Since it opened in 1858, this café has occupied the same plot on Mayo Avenue for 150 years. A far cry from a museum, gallery or theatre, this has been one of the main cultural points of reference in the city. This is a lively and dynamic place, which has been a popular meeting point for political and artistic figures throughout its history, from Carlos Gardel to Federico Carcia Lorca. Today, when you enter through its wooden door under its legendary sign, you will find the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack accompanied with a cup of coffee in one of its five rooms. Covered in mementos in the form of pictures and sculptures, it is practically a museum in itself, filled with people sitting around tables, who continue to give this locale its lively atmosphere. We recommend topping off your visit with a visit to one of the café’s shows, whether it be a theatrical performance, a tango show or a literary recital.

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