A traditional boat trip on the Chicago River

Enjoy the views of the city on a river trip.

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A traditional boat trip on the Chicago River

Another way of getting to know the city.

The river, which divides the city in two, is the heart of Chicago. You will find astonishing views of the city’s skyline from the mouth of the river, at the immense Lake Michigan but, without a doubt, there is no better way of seeing the city than from the water. On board the cruiser Chicago’s First Lady (www.cruisechicago.com) for 47 dollars, you can go on a boat tour with expert architectural guides who explain the history of its buildings. At Chicago Line Cruises (www.chicagoline.com) for $40 you can choose between an architectural tour and a historical tour. If you decide to go out on one of the smaller boats you will be told unusual and interesting anecdotes about the city, like how on Saint Patrick’s Day the river was dyed green with a non-toxic pigment in honour of the city’s Irish community, one of the largest communities in the city. You can also choose from the themed tours of Mercury Cruises (www.mercurycruises.com), Shoreline Company (www.shorelinesightseeing.com) or Wendella Sightseeing Boats (www.wendellaboats.com).

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