A sculpture donated to the city by Picasso himself and whose meaning is still being debated.

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The Picasso

A Picasso in Chicago

In Daly Plaza, the site of Chicago City Hall, your eye will be caught by this 50-metre-high Cubist sculpture which weighs 162 tons and is made of cast iron. It was conceived by Pablo Picasso and its inauguration in August 1967 caused much controversy. Local businesses could not understand why this abstract, three-dimensional structure which did not conform to the artistic norms of the day, should be erected in the political centre of the city. The sculpture, as it does not have a name, is popularly known as ‘Chicago Picasso’ or ‘The Picasso’ and was a gift to the city from the Spanish artist. Picasso never explained what it represents which has given rise to many theories on its meaning. He also donated his designs and preparatory sketches, on which he had worked for over a year, to the Art Institute of Chicago for exhibition.

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