It is always pleasant to walk around Chinatown and see a culture that differs hugely from the rest of the city.

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Walk through Chinatown

China at your feet without leaving Chicago.

This small area which transports visitors to the fascinating world of the Orient is found on the South Side. After entering through the curious and classic gateway, Chinatown Gate (, you can buy all sorts of products in its small shops and souvenir stores, enjoy Chinese food in the restaurants, discover places to buy medicinal plants or Chinese cultural items, not forgetting the beautiful flower shops. In its streets, which are full of Asians and curious tourists, you can enjoy not only the original products which are on sale, but also the smells wafting out of the restaurants and the colourful facades of the buildings and shops. You will also find here a Buddhist temple (, which is an oasis and a perfect place to meditate amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. You can visit the temple on Sunday mornings.

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