Have a drink at 5 degrees below zero in an ice glass and enjoy!

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Absolut Ice Bar

Do you want to get a bit cold?

The closest thing to an Eskimo get-together, sitting on blocks of ice with their coats and thermal gloves, would be the Absolut Ice Bar in Copenhagen. Like other similar places around the world, it gives you the opportunity to spend time wearing special thermal clothing and drinking frozen drinks in a place where the temperature is below zero for as long as your body can endure. The maximum time permitted is 50 minutes, just long enough to talk in vapour mist with frost on your eyelashes, to take a few photos of frozen poses and have fun with good music. The walls, the bars, the décor: everything is made of ice. The bar is closed for maintenance from time to time so it is important that you make sure that it is open for fun below zero during your stay in Copenhagen.

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