Sweet or savoury, anything that you try here will be the best you've ever eaten.

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Andersen Bakery

It will make your mouth water just looking at the shop front.

The delicious smell escaping from the Andersen Bakery, on Bernstorffsgade will draw you to it, whether you like it or not and you won't be able to help yourself once you're in there. You'll probably fall prey to temptation, even if you aren't hungry. Their pastries and croissants, baked directly in front of the customers, add to a wide range of sandwiches and hot dogs, with a reputation for being among the best in Copenhagen. Their affordable prices offer a quick high quality lunch with extraordinary flavour, making it a great choice for a rest during a day exploring the city's old quarter. Vanilla, nuts, cheese: all the delicious ingredients that you could imagine are mixed with dough to make exquisite butter pastries. Among its curiosities, which you can buy as a souvenir, are the 'marzipan-men' caricatures.

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