What started off as a leisure area, is now a huge amusement park for the whole family's enjoyment.

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Bakken Amusement Park

A day amid rides.

Near the 'Deer Park' or Jagersborg Dyrehave you will find one of the most charming and traditional places in Copenhagen only 15 minutes from away the city: the Bakken Amusement Park, which is thought to be the oldest amusement park in Europe. Dating back to 1583, when it was discovered that the waters from the springs might have healing properties, this became a place of pilgrimage and recreation for the Danes. What began as a family leisure activity centre, with vendors and a royal rococo house built in 1736, is now a veteran park with more than 30 rides, roller coasters, ferris wheels, carousels and roundabouts. You can choose between taking sandwiches with you and enjoying a day of leisure in the countryside, or you can enjoy the park's restaurants.

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