With more than 400 years of history, a stroll around this garden offers you one of the most relaxing experiences ever.

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Botanical Garden

A green oasis in the city.

The origins of the extraordinary Botanical Garden collection take us back to the year 1600, when the royal family made donations to the University of Copenhagen zoological museum for the creation of its 'Hortus Medicus', the first herb garden to cultivate medicinal plants. But it was not until 1769 when the foundations were laid that would allow its definitive creation a century later, in its current Gothersgade location. The Botanical Garden contains the largest collection of live plants and in-vitro cultivation of genes for research and conservation, as part of the Natural History Museum studies. In addition, the Garden has become the green lungs of the city where locals and tourists can go to enjoy a day outdoors, both in summer with its explosion of colours, and in winter with its mantle of snow.

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