Charlottenlund Aquarium

A journey through all the world's marine species and their different habitats without leaving the city.

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Charlottenlund Aquarium

The marine world before your very eyes.

In the Charlottenlund neighbourhood, in the northern part of Copenhagen's metropolitan region, you will find one of the best leisure activities for children and adults: the Aquarium of Denmark or Blue Planet. Considered the largest and most spectacular Aquarium in North Europe, this centre is also used for marine study and educating the general public, with guided tours and information about the aquatic inhabitants who live on the other side of its windows. In Charlottenlund Aquarium you'll find more than 20,000 animals of 450 species in 53 aquariums that recreate the habitats of different places around the world. This is an extraordinary journey through the native species of the Amazon, reptiles from African lakes, coral reefs, Californian sea lions and species from the cold depths.

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