Can you imagine climbing the tower of a church? As well as good views, you will learn why this church was important.

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Church of Our Saviour

Ancient symbol of power.

Denmark has a long tradition of religious architecture and the Church of Our Saviour dates back to the Baroque era when the country lived under the domination of a young absolutist monarchy who wanted to imitate and strengthen the old European royal houses. This was done by allying themselves with the Church and holding the power, hence the construction of the baroque church of Our Saviour, which was consecrated in 1696 during the reign of Christian V. It is instantly recognizable by its spiral church tower which you can climb and contemplate the extraordinary view from the top. Inside, there are curiosities such as the initials of the king carved by the nave and the Roman goddess of Justice without blindfold because the absolutist king Christian V considered her capable of exercising justice.

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