A steak house with good flavour you will never forget, good décor and evening entertainment too.

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Evita Peron

For true carnivores.

If after trying the Scandinavian food you yearn for a Latino atmosphere and grilled meat, there is also a corner for the nostalgic in Copenhagen: the charismatic Evita Peron restaurant on Studiestraede. Its 1920s 'Belle Epoque' décor makes you feel as if you'd taken a trip into the past with cinematic undertones and tango scenes on the walls. On Fridays and Saturdays, jazz takes centre stage with live sessions that make dining here an unforgettable experience. The speciality is Argentinian meat, accompanied by excellent wine, although you can also allow yourself to be amazed by its excellent seafood and vegetable dishes. It is best to save some room for the dessert menu: crème brûlée with dulce de leche (a thick caramelised milk desert), cheeseboard with jam, home-made apple sauce with vanilla soup and even biscuits.

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