A close-up view of the darker side of history.

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Frøslev Camp Museum

Memories of dark times.

One of Europe's biggest and best-preserved prisoner of war camps is the Frøslev Camp in Denmark, built during the Nazi occupation to detain political prisoners, members of the Danish resistance and communists. The occupied Danish government managed to negotiate and convince the Nazis that it would be more useful to create a camp in Denmark and so that they would not have to transport the prisoners. This meant that they were kept alive and relatively close to home at the Frøslev Camp. It is thought that about 12,000 prisoners passed through this camp's barbed wire and barracks, now converted into a museum as a reminder of the atrocious years of occupation. The Frøslev concentration camp is open from Tuesday to Sunday (closed in winter) and can be found in the small town of Padborg, on the border with Germany.

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