If you like animals, you will spend hours and hours here enjoying nature in its purest state.

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Jægersborg Dyrehave

A day in the countryside.

To get to the Jagersborg Dyrehave forest park in the Danish Deer Park, all you have to do is to go to Klampenborg station, where you will find one of the entrances. An 11 square kilometre park opens out before you, dotted with fallow deer, red deer, squirrels, birds, beeches and oaks. Since the times of King Valdemar the Conqueror, in the 13th century, this area has been used by the royal family for hunting and recreation, including the "Eremitageslottet", or Hermitage Palace, where they would hold banquets after the hunts. King Christian V spent time at the French court and while he was there, he took a liking to hunting with dogs, so the park was designed with this type of hunting in mind. Today, the Jagersborg Dyrehave park has restaurants and walks where you can lose all sense of time.

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