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Jorcks Passage

A beautiful, historic passage.

If you collect postcards from around the world, or if you want to start your collection in Copenhagen, the place to do this, as well as taking a photograph of a charming historical place, Jorcks Passage is like a magical passageway between two dimensions or two periods of time. In reality, what unites this commercial passageway are the Strøget street and Vor Frue square shopping areas, continuations of the main street. You will recognise it by the window displays that combine sophistication, tradition and design, where you'll find well-known brands as well as small souvenir stalls. In Jorcks Passage, you will see a daring arch-shaped piece of architectur:.the headquarters of the Danish telephone company built at the end of the nineteenth century. Over time, this legendary historical tunnel-shaped building has come to house various shops that complete the shopping tour of the area.

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