A fairytale castle close to the city: an unmissable visit.

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Kronborg Fortress

To be, or not be, that is the question!

Did you know that Elsinore Castle, where a large part of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' takes place, is actually the Danish Fortress of Kronborg? An epic cloudscape above its battlements, which have not seen tragedies like those imagined by the famous English writer, but rather served as toll castle built in the year 1420 to charge ships entering the Baltic Sea. You'll find Kronborg in the town of Elsinore, just 40 kilometres from Copenhagen. In the 15th century, King Frederick II, who was a great theatre lover, converted the fortress into a small luxurious renaissance palace where performances were held before the court. Today you can visit some of the royal quarters and the castle houses the Maritime Museum. The fortress also offers extraordinary views over the sea.

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