Who wouldn't want to visit Lego world? This is your opportunity.

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Legoland - Billund

A country for children and adults.

'Leg' and 'godt', Danish for 'playing nice', is the origin of one of the world's leading toys: the mythical Lego blocks, which were first made in Denmark in 1932 with the aim of combining fun and learning. They were created by Kirk Christiasen in the town of Billund, at the heart of the Jutland peninsula. Only three hours from Copenhagen by train, the original Lego factory and theme park is still there, perfect for a trip with children. "Legoland" was built in the 1960s with thousands of plastic blocks used to create models of typical Danish scenes, such as rows of colourful houses. This toy has been used as the 'leitmotiv' of the attractions. The largest lego gift shop is also to be found in Legoland, including its editions of Star Wars, Superman, Hobbits and even 'the Lone Ranger'.

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