This museum takes a journey through the history of not only the country's music, but the music of the whole world, .

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Museum of Music

The world history of music.

Although the Museum of Music (Musikmuseet) was opened in 1898, its museum's treasures date from 1500 BC to the present day, with donations of instruments that are still used today and that allow the tracking of centuries of musical evolution from Europe to Africa and Asia. The Museum of Music is divided into two museum spaces. One of them is the collection of documents which consists of a record of organs built in Denmark, an extensive library and photo and audio-graphic collection which can be seen in the former museum building at 32 Aabenraa street. The other space, the main exhibition with objects and musical instruments from all over the world is moving to a larger space at 22 Rosenørns Alle, which will probably open its doors to the public in early 2014.

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