More than 7 kilometres long, it joins two countries physically and symbolically.

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Oresund Bridge

Where Sweden and Denmark join, with a Spanish element.

The connection between Sweden and Denmark by land was historically contentious until the year 2000, with the opening of the extraordinary feat of engineering that is the great Oresund Bridge, the largest road and rail bridge in Europe. It connects Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmö and was opened by the royal families of both countries as a symbol of the connection between the two areas, which until then were historically and geographically unconnected. From a strategic point of view, this monument is even more important than the Channel Tunnel between England and France. The Oresund Bridge is more than 7,800 metres long and connects with six road lanes and two shuttle trains crossing this distance in just 25 minutes. And it is most interesting that this great architectural work was manufactured in Puerto Real, Cadiz.

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