An unusual museum that will show you the influence of the postal service in Denmark.

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Post and Telegraph Museum

Letters and their role in the history of the country.

The Denmark Post & Tele Museum is a tribute to the country's postal and telegraph service, from its beginnings to the present. The first communications system in Scandinavia, the Royal Postal Service, was started by King Christian IV in 1624 and continued his work even after the fall of absolutism. Old postmen's uniforms from this era are preserved here, along with their machetes and guns, which were used to defend themselves against attack, and horns to announce their arrival. One of the most curious objects in the exhibition is the horse-drawn spherical mail coach: a Danish invention resembling a metal pumpkin where letters were carried and protected against the weather. The museum also reveals espionage organized by the king, who ordered the confiscation of the letters between the Queen Caroline Matilda and her lover, Dr. Johann Friedrich Struensee.

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