In addition to its beauty and its gardens, it has an interesting museum to visit.

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Rosenborg Castle

A former royal residence.

If anything characterised the Danish King Christian IV, it was his passion for architecture, which led him to sponsor the construction of several of the city's landmark buildings. One of these monuments is the Rosenborg Castle. Its construction began in 1606, imitating Dutch Renaissance architecture, and intended to be the summer palace where the the monarch and his family would stay, surrounded by the gardens that have become one of the lungs of the city today. This castle was the Danish royal residence until the building was nationalized and opened to the public in 1838. In the Rosenborg Castle museum you can visit the Royal Danish art collection with exhibits from the 15th to the 19th century, and exquisite crown jewels, as well as those that belonged to nobility and the country's aristocracy.

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