At over one hundred years old, this is a visit not to be missed while you're in the city.

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The Little Mermaid

The city's symbol

Did you know that Denmark's most international sculpture, The Little Mermaid, celebrated its 100th birthday in 2013? This figure has been a controversial subject since its creation. To start with, the sculptor Edvuard Eriksen, was very disappointed when the dancer Danish ballerina Ellen Price turned down his invitation to pose naked for him for sculpting this little mermaid. He had to ask his wife, who was not very happy about being second choice and even less so when he used the ballerina's face for the sculpture. Also, The Little Mermaid has been attacked several times, with things ranging from paint to dynamite, and until 2012 no one thought of making a male version. This bronze figure, inspired by the tales of Hans Christian Andersen has been nostalgically contemplating the Baltic Sea from the Bay of Copenhagen and Langelinie Park since 1913.

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