Bonfires are held to bid farewell to the winter and welcome in the summer in the Nordic countries.

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Tisvildeleje Beach

A midsummer bonfire party with a difference.

If your trip to Danish shores coincides with midsummer, don't miss out on one of the oldest traditions in the region, which harks back to its Viking and Pagan times: the Nordic midsummer's night celebrations. In Denmark it is known as 'Sankt Aften Hans' and one of the places where you can celebrate it with the locals is Tisvildeleje Beach, just 60 kilometres from Copenhagen. It is a picturesque coastal town with white sandy beaches, fresh winds and meadows that almost reach the sea. For the celebrations, the locals gather on the shore and sing 'Vi Elsker vort land' around bonfires, bidding farewell to the cold and welcoming in the summer. Remember that we are talking about a Danish summer: the temperatures are not warm enough to make you want to go for a dip.

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