The historic centre of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is an ode to good taste.

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The city of clay pots

An unbeatable example of Spanish colonial architecture, Camagüey was one of the first cities founded on the island more than 500 years ago. Its labyrinthine and well-conserved historic centre teems with plazas, museums, great townhouses painted in lively colours, interior courtyards, and a good number of churches; so much so, that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The birth home of Major Ignacio Agramonte, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the famous Plaza del Carmen are some of its highlights. Interestingly, in squares and parks you will notice giant clay pots apparently lying on their sides, which were used to store rain water for periods of drought; this is why Camagüey is known as the city of 'tinajones', as these are known. And the best part? According to legend, if you drink from one of them, some day you will be sure to return.

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