Looking for home-cooked meals? Looking for a place with charm? If you want that, plus live music, you found the place.

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Recommendations: congrí rice or ropa vieja

Tucked away in the heart of Old Havana, El Guajirito is one of those restaurants with excellent atmosphere and amazing traditional, home-cooked food. Well known among tourists for the quality of its food, El Guajirito has been open for decades serving Cuban creole delights. The specials of the day are usually made with fish, seafood and beef local to the area. The congrí rice and the ropa vieja (two of the most popular dishes in Cuban cuisine) are spectacular here. But the best is saved for last: At 9:30 pm. every night the live shows begin. Singers, musicians and dancers, many inspired by salsa and other native genres perform at this eatery. It's the kind of live show you can only experience in Cuba. It's essential and impressive!

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