It's not a square and it's not a street, but it is a crossroads of cultures worthy of experiencing.

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Hamel's Alley

A crucible of cultures.

"The history of Cuba is a mixture of the cultures that inhabited the island before its colonization, with others such as the Spanish, African, French and English. Here, in this curious alley, half plaza, half avenue, you'll find places every day in which the African community of the area displays its wares (crafts, grastronomy, music, etc.). No doubt, when you arrive you will confirm that it is indeed a different and most unusual place. You must be open to it. The market is usually crowded, however, be patient, find a place to park yourself and enjoy the culture. The mere fact of sitting and watching the dance performances, painting and street musical performances so different from the rest of the island... is well worth it". "

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