Art, history and lots of religion in the heart of Old Havana.

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Havana Cathedral

A Jesuit symbol.

In the year 1748 the Italian architect Borromini started construction on this cathedral that features towers of uneven width in a central plaza in Old Havana – since then known as Cathedral Plaza. This is how one of the most recognized examples of American Baroque architecture came to be – making it very significant throughout the continent. In fact, it’s one of the finest examples of Jesuit architecture. This was one of the most influential religious currents in the New World at that time, and its imprint is seen in this architectural gem. The exterior and interior are valued for the great number of works found in them, including a fresco by Giuseppe Perovani presiding over the church’s altar. Also this is the place where Christopher Columbus’s remains were kept until 1898, at which point they were supposedly transferred to Seville, sparking a controversy on the matter.

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