Yuca and authentic ballads. Quite the perfect combination. Very recommendable.

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La Canchánchara of Trinidad

Another interesting location.

Canchánchara is a creole drink, a mix of sugarcane spirits, honey and lemon juice. It's traditionally served in a hollowed-out gourd, and was the preferred beverage of the army that fought for Cuba's independence, toasting before each battle and after each victory. A quintessentially Cuban eatery bearing the same name as this drink opened in Trinidad, a perfect place to rest and recharge when you visit the city. In this genuinely Cuban atmosphere, you'll hear romantic boleros playing the moment you walk in. After all, all that's left is to taste the authentic local cuisine, with different kinds of rice, beans, meats and fish served alongside the eponymous canchánchara served in a clay cup. Don't forget to try the yuca: it's one of the specialties of the house, prepared in a variety of delicious ways.

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